UnfilterED #14: Patricia Hernandez, MSIV and Leyanet Gonzalez, MSIV - The Emergency Medical Minute

UnfilterED #14: Patricia Hernandez, MSIV and Leyanet Gonzalez, MSIV

Tune in for a double feature with our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award winners from this fall as Nick asks them about their backgrounds, what brought them into medicine and Emergency Medicine specifically.

Patricia is a 4th year medical student at PennMed. As a first-generation immigrant, college, and medical student, she is committed to actively promoting and being an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion because she sees the value in having a diverse workforce to build a more equitable health care system. In diversity, there is beauty, there is growth and there is strength.

Leyanet is an MS4 at Caribbean Medical University. As a Cuban refugee, she strives to facilitate better rapport & cultural sensitivity to those who are underrepresented. She believes in the importance of having a workforce paradigm that comprehensively represents the community. Leyanet aspires to be a transformational leader & be a role model for others pursuing medicine to demonstrate that shattering glass ceilings and creating an inclusive workplace is important & possible.

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