UnfilterED #11: Dr. Ricky Dhaliwal - The Emergency Medical Minute

UnfilterED #11: Dr. Ricky Dhaliwal

Dr. Tsipis sits down with colleague Dr. Ricky Dhaliwal for some insightful conversation regarding the differences between academic and community settings as well as the various roles of advocacy in medicine.

Time Stamps

00:23 Banter and introductions

2:41 upbringing in 1st generation immigrant Indian household

14:30 losing culture as 2nd gen immigrant

7:32 Balancing family and work with a two doc family

8:32 President of EMRA

10:42 Working in academia vs community

13:29 New job advice

15:55 Nick talks about being the product of your environment and needing to be challenged

20:42 Advocacy in medicine

25:49 Legislative advocacy

27:27 Advocacy for medicine in COVID

29:44 Who are the most influential figures in your career?

33:23 What is your teaching style

38:05 What does the future hold for you?

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