UnfilterED #10: Debi Smith - The Emergency Medical Minute

UnfilterED #10: Debi Smith

General Counsel attorney, Debi Smith, joins Dr. Nick Tsipis to discuss the ins and outs of healthcare law. Many people forget that a subpoena only compels attendance to a court date, it does not compel one to provide any information on a case without a specific HIPAA compliant authorization for use and disclosure of protected health information. Tune in for more details, perspective on the intricacies of the legal world as it pertains to medicine and for tips on how to navigate different general situations from contracts to litigation.


Time Stamps

0:47 Legal Disclaimer

3:14 Evolution of healthcare law

5:00 Contracts

9:36 Independent medical decision making without influence from a corporation

11:00 Importance of protecting your ideas

12:30 How to navigate litigation

15:09 Choosing to be an expert witness

15:56 Malpractice

17:22 common mistakes with subpoenas

18:56 COVID

22:01 Advice to getting involved in healthcare law

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