Trauma is a Journey #1 Setting the Scene - Emergency Medical Minute

Trauma is a Journey #1 Setting the Scene

High in the mountains of Colorado, a crew of unsuspecting docs stumble upon the EMS scene of a head-on collision after an arduous mountain bike ride. Trauma is a Journey is a four part rural trauma mini series that recounts this tale as this group springs into action to assist the EMS crews dealing with two critical patients. Elizabeth Esty hosts a panel discussion with the key players: Dr. Dylan Luyten, Dr. JP Brewer, Dr. Madison Macht, Dr. Glenda Quan and Jeremiah Grantham as this story unfolds.

In this first episode, the scene is set for the arc of this storyline and while the journey of these patients is the primary focus, the doctors involved come to realize that this experience also took them on a journey as they debrief the events following their ride. Tune in for discussion of the pre-hospital management and insightful commentary on the situation as a whole.

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