Rapid Fire Pharmacy Review with Adis Keric of ER-Rx - The Emergency Medical Minute

Rapid Fire Pharmacy Review with Adis Keric of ER-Rx

Meet Adis Keric, Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist and a Board Certified Critical Care pharmacist who works in the Emergency Department and ICU of level 1 trauma center Regions Hospital in Saint Paul, MN. Adis is the founder and host of a new FOAMed podcast, ER-Rx. He started the podcast to inform clinicians in the ED and ICU about up-to-date, appropriate and optimal use of medications in different clinical scenarios.

Dr. Nick Tsipis sits down with Adis to discuss some pearls in Emergency Medicine Pharmacy.

Time Stamps:

0:10 Intros

4:35 Antibiotics

8:30 Post-Intubation Sedation

12:00 Anti-coagulation reversal*

16:00 ER-Rx Plug

*Correction to figures quoted on anticoagulation reversal pricing. High-dose Andexxa regimen maxes out around $60,000 and Kcentra maxes out at $6,000. So there is still a massive price difference, but not as high as quoted in the audio.


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