Podcast 857: Alice in Wonderland Jeopardy - The Emergency Medical Minute

Podcast 857: Alice in Wonderland Jeopardy

Contributor: Chris Holmes MD

Educational Pearls:

  • “It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards” – Transient Global Amnesia

    • A syndrome with sudden retrograde memory loss in which patients cannot retain new information

    • Characterized by perseveration in frequent intervals

    • Typically improves within hours

    • MRI is normal initially

  • Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

    • A disorder in which patients experience distortions in their visual perceptions

    • Most often characterized by micropsia and/or macropsia

    • Other symptoms may include illusory movement or wavy lines

  • Alice in Wonderland as a metaphor for birth

    • Traveling down the rabbit hole is conception

    • Alice getting bigger in a confined space is pregnancy

    • Drinking potions is amniotic fluid

    • Escaping to explore a scary world is childbirth


1. Blom JD. Alice in wonderland syndrome. Alice Wonderl Syndr. 2019;(June):1-221. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-18609-8

2. Ropper M.D. AH. Transient Global Amnesia. N Engl J Med. 2023;(388):635-640. doi:10.1056/NEJMra2213867

Summarized by Jorge Chalit, OMSII | Edited by Meg Joyce & Jorge Chalit, OMSII


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