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Podcast 820: Who Qualifies for Take-Home Naloxone

Contributor: Don Stader, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • Home naloxone is traditionally given to those at high risk for opioid overdose such as those in the ED due to an opioid overdose, opioid intoxication, or admit to illicit opioid use       
  • There are a number of other patient populations that benefit from home naloxone including those on chronic opioid or benzodiazepine therapy, and those who report any type of illicit drug use
    • Any illicit drug could be laced with opioids, and those who use drugs are more likely to be present as bystanders when an opioid overdose occurs
  • Some important tips to remember when prescribing home naloxone
    • There is often a scannable QR code that instructs bystanders on how to recognize and intervene in an overdose
    • Inform the patient that naloxone is temporary and those who overdose are at high risk of overdosing again
    • Provide support and inform the patient that if they decide they would like to enter treatment/rehabilitation programs, they can return to the ED to start that process


Strang J, McDonald R, Campbell G, et al. Take-Home Naloxone for the Emergency Interim Management of Opioid Overdose: The Public Health Application of an Emergency Medicine. Drugs. 2019;79(13):1395-1418.

Moustaqim-Barrette A, Dhillon D, Ng J, et al. Take-home naloxone programs for suspected opioid overdose in community settings: a scoping umbrella review. BMC Public Health. 2021;21(1):597.

Summarized by Mark O’Brien, MS4 | Edited by John Spartz, MD & Erik Verzemnieks, MD

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