Podcast #60: RSI Drugs - The Emergency Medical Minute

Podcast #60: RSI Drugs

5ac33960-5ec3-4472-b49f-c334a35287c5Run Time: 4 minutes

Author: Dr. Brent Levy

Educational Pearls:

  • Etomidate: longer acting and causes less hemodynamic instability, but causes adrenal suppression – not good for septic patients.
  • Propofol: quick acting, but causes hemodynamic instability – not good for hypotensive patients.
  • Ketamine: does not suppress the breathing drive, but increases HR – not good for card patients.
  • Succinylcholine: short acting paralytic, but not good for burn patients or hyperkalemia patients or patients with a history of malignant hypothermia.
  • Rocuronium: longer acting paralytic, and is okay to give to the patients with the conditions described above.
  • Delayed Sequence Intubation: good for patients who do not have adequate preoxygenation – normally a sedative is given prior to preoxygenation – may even avoid intubation all together.

References:  http://emcrit.org/wp-content/uploads/preox-deox-dsi-in-the-ed.pdf

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