Podcast #44: Myxedema Related Bradycardia - The Emergency Medical Minute

Podcast #44: Myxedema Related Bradycardia

Run Time: 2 minutesmyxedema-pictures-before-and-after

Author: Dr. Susan Brion

Educational Pearls:

  • Myxedema is generally thought of as severe hypothyroidism.
  • Presentation of myxedema is usually manifested with bradycardia, altered mental status, hypothermia, and swelling to the face. The patient’s labs will usually show hyponatremia, hypoglycemia, as well as some indication of primary or secondary hypothyroidism.
  • Treatment is IV hydrocortisone and IV levothyroxine as well as management of the hyponatremia to prevent possibility of seizures.
  • Myxedema can sometimes have a sepsis source.


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