Podcast #28: Flomax and Kidney Stones - The Emergency Medical Minute

Podcast #28: Flomax and Kidney Stones

b8015bae-2f8a-4977-837e-2e4ab1a17011Run Time: 4 minutes

Author: Dr. Samuel Killian

Educational Pearls:

  • Greater than 1 million visits per year in American for kidney stones.
  • 12% men and 6% women will have kidney stone at some point during their lifetime.
  • Most studies that discredited Flomax were not properly organized – there was no placebo, the study was not blind, etc.
  • New study from the Annals of Emergency Medicine showed that 87% of patients who received Flomax passed there stone at 28 days and 82% who received the placebo also passed their stone at 28 days, regardless of stone size.
  • The difference was at 5-10mm stones. 82% w/ Flomax passed their stone at 28 days and only 60% who received the placebo passed their stone at 28 days.

References:  http://www.annemergmed.com/article/S0196-0644(08)02183-5/fulltext

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