Podcast #101: The Top Ten - The Emergency Medical Minute

Podcast #101: The Top Ten

Here is our long-awaited top ten of the first 100 podcasts. Enjoy them all here:

For our acutely interested viewers, you can find each individual podcast in the top ten listed here:

#10: Alexis St. Martin by Dr. Christopher Holmes

#9: Difficult IV Access by Dr. Dylan Luyten

#8: Isopropyl Alcohol for Nausea by Dr. Donald Stader

#7: Baby Botulism by Dr. Erik Verzemnieks

#6: Ketamine! by Dr. Michael Hunt

#5: Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation by Dr. Peter Bakes

#4: 420! A Marijuana Podcast by Dr. Donald Stader

#3: Snake Bites by Dr. Gregory Burcham

#2: Burn Victims and Cyanokit by Rachel Duncan PharmD

#1: Diphtheria and March the 18th by Dr. David Rosenberg

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