Pediatric Palliative Care Expert Panel - The Emergency Medical Minute

Pediatric Palliative Care Expert Panel

Selected audio from our event, Palliative, hosted on June 27, 2022 in conjunction with Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Department of Palliative Medicine and The Denver Hospice’s Footprints Program.

Keynote address by Dr. Nadia Tremonti, pediatric palliative care physician at Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Expert Panel composed of Dr. Kimberly Bennett, medical director for TDH’s Footprints Program, Dora Mueller, clinical nurse coordinator for palliative care at Children’s and Cassie Matz, LCSW bereavement coordinator at Children’s.

The evening commenced following a screening of the 2019 award-winning documentary, Palliative, featuring Dr. Nadia Tremonti’s work at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. You can watch the documentary for free at using your library card using the following link:


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