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The Emergency Medical Minute disseminates relevant medical education to clinicians and the public through various avenues, striving to be a resource for medical professionals wanting to enhance their knowledge base and practice. 

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Podcast 677: Oatmeal Cream for Hand Eczema

Contributor:  Jared Scott, MD Educational Pearls: Hand eczema is present in about 10% of the population and has a great prevalence in hairdressers, healthcare workers, and food service employees...

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The Invisible Bleed

the invisible bleed Chief Complaint: Hematemesis HPI: 43-year-old woman with a history of gastroparesis and seizures suddenly vomited blood about 4 hours prior to arrival to the ED. She...

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Podcast 676: Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis

Contributor:  Sam Killian, MD Educational Pearls: Patients with cirrhosis and ascites are frequently evaluated for spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, an infection of the ascites fluid that is not from a...

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Pharmacy Phriday #10: Colorado Pharmacists Association 2020 Opioid Prescribing and Treatment Guidelines

This week’s Pharmacy Phriday features a short excerpt from a longer podcast released as promo for the Colorado’s CURE initiative, Clinicians United to Resolve the Epidemic, that combats the...

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