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The Emergency Medical Minute disseminates relevant medical education to clinicians and the public through various avenues, striving to be a resource for medical professionals wanting to enhance their knowledge base and practice. 

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Podcast 711: Insulin Pumps

Contributor: Aaron Lessen, MD Educational Pearls: Insulin pumps provide a continuous infusion of fast-acting insulin using a basal rate and bolus prior to meals Some connect to a continuous...

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Mr. Freeze

mr. freeze Chief Complaint: Painful wounds on skin for months HPI: 32-year-old male with past medical history of alcohol use disorder and general anxiety disorder presents with painful skin...

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Podcast 710: Droperidol vs. Zyprexa

Contributor: Nick Tsipis, MD Educational Pearls: Prospective trial studied 5 mg IM droperidol to 10 mg IM olanzapine (Zyprexa) in the reducing levels of agitation Time to adequate sedation...

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Podcast 709: Clown Therapy

Contributor: Jared Scott, MD Educational Pearls: Using LET, procedural sedation, and distraction techniques are often needed to successfully perform painful procedures in pediatrics patients The technique of clown therapy...

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