The Podcast: On The Streets - The Emergency Medical Minute

The Podcast: On The Streets

On The Streets is a podcast designed specifically for our EMS listeners. Each episode, we consult medical experts on topics pertinent to prehospital care: Identifying a posterior circulation stroke in the field; Knowing when to do a 12-lead and what to look for; How to use capnography for a variety of datapoints;How to give an effective handoff report. And much much more… Knowledge and timing can make a world of difference when treating acutely ill patients.  Like all of our content, we aim to equip you with the resources to forge your medical knowledge while keeping it relevant and time-efficient. 

Latest Episodes

On the Streets #12: Salient Pre-hospital Considerations for Neurosurgical Emergencies – a Smorgasbord Part II

In this podcast, we are back again with host, Jordan Ourada, and neurosurgeon, Dr. Eddie Tsvankin as they discuss an exciting and mind-blowing array of topics pertaining to neurosurgery....

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On the Streets #11: Salient Pre-hospital Considerations for Neurosurgical Emergencies – a Smorgasbord

On this episode of On The Streets, host, Jordan Ourada sits down with neurosurgeon/neurooncologist Dr. Eddie Tsvankin to discuss various topics concerning neurosurgery and how EMS workers in the...

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On the Streets #10: IO Administration Gone Awry

Dr. Glenda Quan, trauma surgeon from Swedish Medical Center joins our host Jordan Ourada to review a case of an incorrectly placed IO and how to avoid it. The...

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On the Streets #9: Advanced Applications of Capnography

Capnography is the measurement of the partial pressure of exhaled CO2 and is an indirect measurement of your cellular respiration. It is displayed visually as a block-like waveform during...

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On The Streets #8: Limb Injury and Preservation

Dr. Glenda Quan, esteemed Trauma Surgeon at Swedish Medical Center, discusses cases related to limb injury and reviews their management.  Topics include proper tourniquet application as well as alternatives...

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On the Streets #7: Burns in the Pre-Hospital and ED Setting

Burns are low-volume, high-acuity injuries that require special attention and care from the pre-hospital team to the Emergency Department and finally to a dedicated burn unit and ICU. As...

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On The Streets #6: Artificial Intelligence Detection for LVOs

Meet Michelle Whaley, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Stroke Program Coordinator at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree, Colorado. Jordan and Michelle discuss advances in Artificial Intelligence technology in...

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On the Streets #5: Trauma during COVID-19

Jordan sits down to discuss trauma with Dr. Kaysie Banton, the Trauma Services Medical Director at Level 1 Trauma Center Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, Colorado. In this laid...

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On the Streets #4: Posterior Circulation Strokes

In part 2 of our interview with Dr. Adam Graham, Jordan takes a deep dive into posterior circulation strokes and how to identify them in the field.

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On the Streets #3: COVID-19

In this special edition of our On the Streets podcast, we discuss COVID-19 as well as what first responders and emergency providers need to know to keep themselves and...

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