On The Streets #8: Limb Injury and Preservation - The Emergency Medical Minute

On The Streets #8: Limb Injury and Preservation

Dr. Glenda Quan, esteemed Trauma Surgeon at Swedish Medical Center, discusses cases related to limb injury and reviews their management.  Topics include proper tourniquet application as well as alternatives to commercially available devices how to manage pain or a difficult patient with significant limb injury. We also explore the use of new “hybrid ORs” where multiple surgical teams can care for various injuries simultaneously and briefly chat about the use of blood products in the prehospital setting.  Thought we were done? Nope. We finish with pearls on temperature management as part of trauma resuscitation and find the answer to when you consider reduction of a joint or mid-shaft fracture!


Left medial thigh laceration from chainsaw, again see sterile tourniquet in OR with excellent hemostasis.

Left proximal humerus traumatic amputation

Deep laceration to right antecubital fossa, tourniquet replaced with sterile blood pressure cuff set at 240 mmHg.

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