On the Streets #7: Burns in the Pre-Hospital and ED Setting - The Emergency Medical Minute

On the Streets #7: Burns in the Pre-Hospital and ED Setting

Burns are low-volume, high-acuity injuries that require special attention and care from the pre-hospital team to the Emergency Department and finally to a dedicated burn unit and ICU. As a first responder in the pre-hospital setting, there are a couple things that need to remain at the forefront of your mind when dealing with burn patients.

On this episode of On the Streets, host Jordan Ourada sits down with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Hand Surgeon Dr. Benson Pulikkottil, who is the Medical Director for Swedish Medical Center’s Burn Unit and Sean McConnell RN, former flight nurse and current charge nurse at Swedish’s burn clinic to review the most important pearls to pre-hospital practice when it comes to burns. They discuss the in-depth importance of the details surrounding the mechanism of injury, field treatments and surface area estimation among many other nuances related to burn care. Tune in to hear from the experts about how to provide the best possible care for your burn patients when they present themselves.

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