On the Streets #1: The Art of the Handoff Report - The Emergency Medical Minute

On the Streets #1: The Art of the Handoff Report

EMM is proud to present the pilot episode of our new monthly series, “On the Streets”. This will be an informative podcast for all of our listeners, but this one was designed specifically for our EMS listeners. 

Each month, we will consult medical experts on topics pertinent to prehospital care: Identifying a posterior circulation stroke in the field; Knowing when to do a 12-lead and what to look for; How to use capnography for a variety of datapoints; How to give an effective handoff report. And much much more…

On our first episode, we are proud to welcome long-time friend of EMM, now retired Emergency Physician and current Medical Director of the ACC EMS program, Dr. Michael Hunt. This episode focuses exclusively on the Do’s and Don’ts of giving handoff report.

As we all know, knowledge and timing can make a world of difference when treating acutely ill patients.  Like all of our content, we aim to equip you with the resources to forge your medical knowledge while keeping it relevant and time-efficient. Tune into “On the Streets” for real, raw and relevant EMS education. 

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sc-axman/2327963351/

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