The Podcast: Medical Minute - The Emergency Medical Minute

The Podcast: Medical Minute

Medical Minutes move quickly to reflect current events, are inspired by real patient care, and speak to the true nature of what it’s like to work in the Emergency Room or Pre-Hospital Setting. Each Medical Minute episode is recorded in a real emergency department, by the emergency physician or clinical pharmacist on duty – the ER is our studio.

Latest Episodes

Podcast 740: Placenta Previa

Contributor: Peter Bakes, MD Educational Pearls: High concern causes of third trimester vaginal bleeding include placenta previa, placental abruption, or vasa previa In placenta previa, the placenta implants over...

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Podcast 739: Perceptions of Dress

Contributor: Aaron Lessen, MD Educational Pearls: Study examined patient perceptions of providers wearing traditional white coats,  fleece coats and soft-shell jackets Found that white coats were seen as more...

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Podcast 738: Acute Mesenteric Ischemia

Contributor: Ian Gillman, PA-C Educational Pearls: Acute mesenteric ischemia is a condition where bowel loses blood supply from an acute occlusion of the mesenteric arteries A frequent sign is...

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Podcast 737: TBI Outcomes

Contributor: Aaron Lessen, MD Educational Pearls: Study evaluating patient outcomes after traumatic brain injury (TBI) over 1 year Trial followed patients with severe TBI (GCS 3-8) and moderate TBI...

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Podcast 736: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Contributor: Adam Barkin, MD Educational Pearls: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) a form of seasonal depression which can result in trouble sleeping, concentration difficulties, changes in appetite, and decreased mood...

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Podcast 735: End Tidal CO2 and BiPAP

Contributor: Aaron Lessen, MD Educational Pearls: End tidal CO2 is accurate to 1-4 mmHg in intubated patient but use with those on positive pressure ventilation like BiPAP is unclear...

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Podcast 734: Push Dose Antibiotics

Contributor: Aaron Lessen, MD Educational Pearls: Recent study at a hospital in Chicago with a shortage of normal saline decided to push IV ceftriaxone rather than the typical infusion...

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Podcast 733: Nitric Oxide for COVID

Contributor: Nick Hatch, MD Educational Pearls: Inhaled nitric oxide or Flolan may be considered in COVID Flolan is a prostaglandin can be inhaled or given IV These medications are...

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Podcast 732: Organophosphate Toxicity

Educational Pearls: Organophosphates affect the cholinergic system by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase affecting muscarinic and nicotinic receptors Symptoms include lacrimation, salivation, bronchoconstriction, blurred vision, bradycardia, bronchorrhea, emesis, and diarrhea Initially, the...

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Podcast 731: Fluid Resuscitation in Burns

Contributor: Chris Holmes, MD Educational Pearls: Parkland Formula: 4 mL x [Total Body Surface Area Burned (%)] x [body weight (kg)] given in 24 hours 50% given over 8...

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