Episode 892: Tourniquets - The Emergency Medical Minute

Episode 892: Tourniquets

Contributor: Ricky Dhaliwal, MD

Educational Pearls:

What can you do to control bleeding in a penetrating wound?

  • Apply direct pinpoint pressure on the wound as well as proximal to the wound.

  • Build a compression dressing.

How do you build a compression dressing?

  • Think about building an upside-down pyramid with the gauze.

  • Consider coagulation agents such as an absorbent gelatin sponge material, microporous polysaccharide hemispheres, oxidized cellulose, fibrin sealants, topical thrombin, or tranexamic acid.

What are the indications to use a tourniquet?

  • The Stop The Bleed campaign recommends looking for the following features of “life-threatening” bleeding.

  • Pulsatile bleeding.

  • Blood is pooling on the ground.

  • The overlying clothes are soaked.

  • Bandages are ineffective.

  • Partial or full amputation.

  • And if the patient is in shock.

How do you put on a tourniquet?

  • If using a Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) tourniquet, apply it proximal to the wound, then rotate the plastic rod until the bleeding stops. Then secure the plastic rod with a clip and make sure the Velcro is in place.

  • Mark the time – generally, there is a spot on the tourniquet to write.

  • Have a plan for the next steps. Does the patient need emergent surgery? Do they need to be transfered?

How long can you leave a tourniquet on?

  • Less than 90 minutes.

What are the risks?

  • Nerve injury.

  • Ischemia.


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Summarized by Jeffrey Olson MS2 | Edited by Meg Joyce & Jorge Chalit, OMSII



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