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UnfilterED #14: Patricia Hernandez, MSIV and Leyanet Gonzalez, MSIV

Tune in for a double feature with our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award winners from this fall as Nick asks them about their backgrounds, what brought them into medicine and Emergency Medicine specifically. Patricia is a 4th year medical student at PennMed. As a first-generation immigrant, college, and medical student, she is committed to actively…

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UnfilterED #13: Dr. Nadia Tremonti

This week’s episode features a fascinating conversation with Dr. Nadia Tremonti, medical director for the pediatric palliative care program at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. Dr. Tremonti was the featured physician in an independent short film Palliative and subsequent New York Times shorter excerpt Dying in your Mother’s Arms that explore her work with…

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UnfilterED #12: Dr. Don Stader

If you listen to this podcast, then you’re probably familiar with our founder and frequent contributor, Dr. Donald Stader, and his fascination with the intersection of Emergency Medicine, opioids and Addiction Medicine. He is board certified in both specialties and is an active clinician in the ED that is constantly working to improve systems of…

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UnfilterED #11: Dr. Ricky Dhaliwal

Dr. Tsipis sits down with colleague Dr. Ricky Dhaliwal for some insightful conversation regarding the differences between academic and community settings as well as the various roles of advocacy in medicine. Time Stamps 00:23 Banter and introductions 2:41 upbringing in 1st generation immigrant Indian household 14:30 losing culture as 2nd gen immigrant 7:32 Balancing family…

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UnfilterED #10: Debi Smith

General Counsel attorney, Debi Smith, joins Dr. Nick Tsipis to discuss the ins and outs of healthcare law. Many people forget that a subpoena only compels attendance to a court date, it does not compel one to provide any information on a case without a specific HIPAA compliant authorization for use and disclosure of protected…

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UnfilterED #9: Dr. Steven Bradley

Dr. Steven Bradley is an active duty U.S. Naval officer practicing as a Staff Anesthesiologist in Virginia where also resides on the Medical Ethics Committee for his hospital. He serves as the Anesthesiology Residency Simulation Coordinator there and enjoys the opportunity to teach residents drawing from his experiences as a student. He just recently started…

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UnfilterED Clips: A Toxicologist’s Perspective on COVID-19. Biological Warfare and the Need for Disaster Preparedness

Taken from ‘UnfilterED #8: Dr. Christopher Hoyte’. “This current sars-coV-2 / COVID-19 situation should really be a wake-up call for not just a pandemic, but for a biological attack…One of the things I would like to do when we bring our attention back from COVID and get through this pandemic is to really start to…

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UnfilterED #8: Dr. Christopher Hoyte

Dr. Chris Hoyte is an ED physician, toxicologist and researcher based in Denver, CO. He was featured in Bring Em’ All: Chaos. Care. Stories from Medicine’s Front Line, a book celebrating emergency physicians through personal testimonies and photography on the frontlines captured by legendary photographer, Eugene Richards.    Time Stamps: 01:25 – Dr. Hoyte’s Origin…

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Selected Audio from ‘UnfilterED #7: Russell J. Ledet, Ph.D.’

“Go unafraid! And also know that you got to reach out to the right people and hold on to those people no matter what they look like, no matter what background they come from…Find people who are positive in your life who can help you. If I’m one of those people, reach out to me.”…

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