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Brewcast Part VII: A Patient’s Perspective on Medical Marijuana

Authors: Don Stader, M.D. & Lauren Gibbs Topic: Lauren breaks the stoner stereotype and explains how marijuana has positively impacted her life.

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Brewcast Part VI: Synthetic Marijuana

Author: Erik Verzemnieks, M.D. Topic: Erik speaks about how slightly altering the chemical composition of marijuana can create a drug with drastic effects on the human body. WARNING: Explicit Language

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Brewcast Part V: Researching Cannabis

Author: Sophie Yorkwilliams -B.A. (Psychology) -Dual Ph.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience. Expected graduation: 2020 Topic: Studying cannabis comes with its own set of challenges. Find out how Sophie and her team have overcome obstacles to get accurate data on marijuana.

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Brewcast Part III: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Author: Rachael Duncan, PharmD BCPS BCCCP Topic: Rachel explains the science behind one of the most common maladies thought to be induced by chronic cannabis use.

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Brewcast Part I: The History of Cannabis in Medicine

Author: Don Stader, M.D Topic: Don kicks things off with an overview of the history of marijuana and how it has made its way into medicine.

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Podcast #224: Troponin

Author: Sam Killian, M.D. Educational Pearls Not every troponin elevation is an MI. Trop elevates in about an hour in ACS and stays elevated for days. Non-MI conditions that cause elevated troponin: Critical illness (sepsis), increased cardiac demand, right heart strain, LV dysfunction, hypotension, pressor use, acute PE, SAH, chronic renal failure, CHF, aortic dissection,…

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Podcast #223: Acyclovir Toxicity

Author: Nick Hatch, M.D. Educational Pearls Acyclovir toxicity can uncommonly cause altered mental status, low blood glucose, hallucinations and myoclonic jerks. Toxicity often occurs in the setting of renal insufficiency, as it is cleared by the kidneys. Acyclovir is often used to treat shingles, which can also cause similar symptoms as acyclovir toxicity due to…

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Podcast #222: Wells Criteria for PE

  Author: Michael Hunt, M.D. Educational Pearls Wells Criteria was initially designed to screen patients for further workup for PE.   Aspects of the Wells Criteria include: signs and symptoms of DVT (3 points), PE most likely dia (3 points), HR > 100 (1.5 points), immobility for > 3 days or surgery in last 4…

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