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Podcast #40: Altitude Sickness

Run Time: 2 minutes Author: Dr. Brent Levy Educational Pearls: Altitude sickness occurs on a spectrum, usually starting over 5000 feet above sea level. The minor presentation, Acute Mountain Sickness, includes headache and flu-like illness. High Altitude Pulmonary Edema is the more severe presentation, which includes severe hypoxia and shortness of breath and upon evaluation. This…

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Podcast #32: Preoxygenation

Run Time: 4 minutes Author: Dr. David Rosenberg Educational Pearls: Preoxygenation provides plenty of oxygen to the patient so that he/she does not desaturate during RSI. Even if the patient is at 100% on spO2 monitor, preoxygenation is necessary for continued saturation of hemoglobin and transport of oxygen to the rest of the body – respiration…

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Podcast #23: Tiny Clots

Run Time: 3 minutes Author: Dr. Aaron Lessen Educational Pearls: New guidelines about treating small clots in the leg and lungs published by the American Academy of Chest Physicians. In a patient with a DVT in the calf, without cancer or long term immobility concerns, there is a 15% chance of the clot moving up…

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