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Podcast #74: CAP vs. HCA Pneumonia

Run Time: 11 minutes Author: Dr. Donald Stader Educational Pearls: Pneumonia is the 8th leading cause of death in the United States – Pneumonia is coined an old man’s best friend. Pneumonia is classified by where it is, what type of infection it is, walking or classic, and the big one is community acquired vs….

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Podcast #53: PERC and WELLS Score for PE

Run Time: 4 minutes Author: Dr. Martin O’Bryan Educational Pearls: PERC Score: age >50, HR <100, O2 >95%, no history of PE or DVT, no recent trauma, no hemoptysis, no oral contraceptive, and no unilateral leg swelling. If all are negative then probability of a PE is under 2%. A WELLS Score of <4 =…

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Podcast #50: Pleural Effusion

Run Time: 4 minutes Author: Dr. Peter Bakes Educational Pearls: 75% of pleural effusions seen in US emergency rooms are caused by one of three non-trauma diagnoses: congestive heart failure, infection, and cancer. First test of choice without history is a diagnostic aspiration of the pleural fluid. This determines if the pleural effusion is transudate or…

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Podcast #40: Altitude Sickness

Run Time: 2 minutes Author: Dr. Brent Levy Educational Pearls: Altitude sickness occurs on a spectrum, usually starting over 5000 feet above sea level. The minor presentation, Acute Mountain Sickness, includes headache and flu-like illness. High Altitude Pulmonary Edema is the more severe presentation, which includes severe hypoxia and shortness of breath and upon evaluation. This…

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Podcast #32: Preoxygenation

Run Time: 4 minutes Author: Dr. David Rosenberg Educational Pearls: Preoxygenation provides plenty of oxygen to the patient so that he/she does not desaturate during RSI. Even if the patient is at 100% on spO2 monitor, preoxygenation is necessary for continued saturation of hemoglobin and transport of oxygen to the rest of the body – respiration…

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Podcast #23: Tiny Clots

Run Time: 3 minutes Author: Dr. Aaron Lessen Educational Pearls: New guidelines about treating small clots in the leg and lungs published by the American Academy of Chest Physicians. In a patient with a DVT in the calf, without cancer or long term immobility concerns, there is a 15% chance of the clot moving up…

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