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Podcast #174: Cervical Spine

Run Time:  5 minutes Author: Dylan Luyten M.D. Educational Pearls: Cervical spine immobilization is a big change in the EMS protocol over several years. Cervical collars were developed for rehabilitation after neck or spine surgery, but became a tool for prehospital treatment of undifferentiated trauma patients that may or may not have injured the neck….

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Podcast #149: TMJ Dislocation

Run Time: 3 minutes Author: Jared Scott M.D. Educational Pearls: TMJ dislocations are generally a rare occurrence. Connective tissue disorders such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Marfan syndrome increase the likelihood of dislocation. TMJ dislocations can occur after benign activities such as eating, yawning, vomiting, dental treatment, and laughing, but also occur after trauma. Three common…

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Podcast #148: Knee Dislocation

Run Time:  4 minutes Author: Samuel Killian M.D. Educational Pearls: A true knee dislocation and a patellar dislocation are slightly different conditions. A true knee dislocation is the translation of the femur and the tibia – described as anterior/posterior, posterior/anterior, medial/lateral. Knee dislocations occur after a high force blow to the leg. 50% of the…

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Podcast #143: Calcaneal Fractures

Run Time: 3 minutes Author: Eric Miller M.D. Educational Pearls: The Calcaneus is like the wrist bone of the ankle. It is one of the tarsal bones in the foot and articulates with the talus superiorly and cuboid anteriorly. Usually the mechanism for a calcaneal fracture is a fall from significant height. The Sanders scale…

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