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Lithium Overdose: The Tale of a Light Metal and its Skinny Therapeutic Index

Lithium Overdose: The tale of a light metal and its skinny therapeutic index Chief Complaint: Lithium Overdose HPI: Patient is a 39-year-old male with a past medical history of schizoaffective disorder, alcohol abuse, and prior suicide attempt by drug overdose who presents today due to another suicide attempt. Patient states that his girlfriend recently passed…

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Podcast # 472: SMART Crystalloids

Author: Gretchen Hinson, MD Educational Pearls: In most healthcare settings, normal saline (NS) has become ubiquitous as an intravenous fluid despite some potential drawbacks Compared to normal saline, a balanced crystalloid (either lactated Ringer’s or Plasma-Lyte) was associated with a lower composite endpoint of mortality, renal replacement therapy, and renal injury in SMART (Isotonic Solutions…

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Podcast # 420: CT Contrast and the Kidneys

Author: Don Stader, MD Educational Pearls:   Recent meta-analysis has demonstrated that there is no significant risk for kidney injury from CT contrast Most kidney injury ¬†seen after contrast CTs were due to other underlying illnesses (sepsis, hypovolemia, etc.) Older contrast agents likely did have nephrotoxic effects but this appears to be a thing of…

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Podcast # 365: Renal Trigger Point Injections

Author: Erik Verzemnieks, MD Educational Pearls: Single study in Japan demonstrated possible effectiveness of renal colic trigger point Patients had injection at the area of maximal tenderness on palpation of the flank Compared to a muscle relaxer, injection of local anesthetic at the trigger point had faster time to pain relief and fewer rescue therapies…

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