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Podcast #28: Flomax and Kidney Stones

Run Time: 4 minutes Author: Dr. Samuel Killian Educational Pearls: Greater than 1 million visits per year in American for kidney stones. 12% men and 6% women will have kidney stone at some point during their lifetime. Most studies that discredited Flomax were not properly organized – there was no placebo, the study was not…

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Podcast #21: Priapism Management

Run Time: 4 minutes Author: Dr. Donald Stader Educational Pearls: Priapism originates from the Greek god of fertility, Priapus. Causes of Priapsim include: chemically induced – Viagra, Cialis, spinal injury, low flow state, and Leukemia. Treatment of priapism Phenylephrine, Tributyltin, Epinephrine – can cause penile necrosis, and drainage and irrigation from the corpus callosum of…

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