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Podcast #130: DIC

Run Time: 3 minutes Author: Susan Brion M.D. Educational Pearls: Presentation: an elderly known diabetic presents via EMS confused with an elevated blood glucose. Upon arrival the patient is found to be in DKA, with evidence of a hip fracture from a fall yesterday. The patient develops signs of shock with declining BP. INR is…

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Podcast #110:  Elevated Lactate

Run Time:  3 minutes Author:  Susan Brion M.D. Educational Pearls: Not all that is elevated lactate is sepsis. Lactate is produced under anaerobic conditions whenever there is any state of hypoperfusion or hypermetabolic state. It is produced by all tissues, most prominently by muscle tissue, and is cleared by the liver. A normal level can…

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Podcast #104: Peds Glomerulonephritis

Run Time: 4 minutes Author: Suzanne Chilton M.D. Educational Pearls:       The streptococcal strain that causes Impetigo also causes post strep glomerulonephritis.       Symptoms of glomerulonephritis can present themselves up to 1 month after having impetigo including: edema hypertension, coke colored urine w/ red cells and high protein.       The main treatment is supportive care and diuretics –…

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Podcast #68: Beer!

Run Time: 3 minutes Author: Dr. Michael Hunt Educational Pearls: 1/3 of Americans have Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X. The risk factors for Metabolic Syndrome are obesity, lack of physical activity, and genetics. You need three of the five qualifications to be diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome. Waistline greater than 40 inches for men and 35 inches…

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Podcast #48: Alcoholic Ketoacidosis

Run Time: 4 minutes Author: Dr. Eric Miller Educational Pearls: Alcoholic ketoacidosis occurs in chronic alcohol abusers who have low glycogen supplies and are dehydrated causing an overproduction of glucagon. This condition is very similar to diabetic ketoacidosis. The patients can have a ketotic smell to indicate alcoholic ketoacidosis, they also usually have a high…

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Podcast #44: Myxedema Related Bradycardia

Run Time: 2 minutes Author: Dr. Susan Brion Educational Pearls: Myxedema is generally thought of as severe hypothyroidism. Presentation of myxedema is usually manifested with bradycardia, altered mental status, hypothermia, and swelling to the face. The patient’s labs will usually show hyponatremia, hypoglycemia, as well as some indication of primary or secondary hypothyroidism. Treatment is IV hydrocortisone…

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Podcast #10: Thyroid Storm & The Thyroid Don’t Get No Respect

Run Time: 11 minutes Author: Dr. Donald Stader Educational Pearls: Thyroid literally means shield and is important for growth and cortisol/adrenaline modulation. Hyperthyroidism puts the body in a hypercatabolic state causes agitation, fine tremors, tachycardia and Atrial Fibrillation. Iodine – like the kind given for a contrast CT scan – has been associated with precipitating…

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