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Interesting Presentation of DKA

Interesting presentation of dka Chief Complaint: Abdominal Pain  HPI: 41-year-old female presenting with reported elevated blood sugars in the 200s, 3 days of vomiting and diarrhea.  She states that she vomited twice today without any blood. She states that about 2 weeks ago she was started on a new medication called Farxiga.  She has no…

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Modified Valsalva Maneuver for SVT

Modified Valsalva Maneuver for SVT Chief Complaint: SVT HPI: Patient is a 49-year-old male with history of prior episodes of SVT and HTN.  He stated that over the past 5 years he’s had approximately one episode every 6 months.  He stated that a cardiologist instructed him that he should have an ablation that he likely…

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