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Buprenorphine after Naloxone

EMM would like to extend a large thank you to the Pain Management and Addiction Medicine section of the American College of Emergency Physicians for allowing us to post their webinar panel discussion facilitated by EMM’s own Don Stader, MD, FACEP on Buprenorphine use after Naloxone. This episode discusses the nuances of emergency physicians inducing patients on Buprenorphine following an opioid overdose and covers key considerations including dosing, precipitated withdrawal and contraindications to Buprenorphine administration.

Panelists include:

Rachel Haroz, MD – EM physician boarded in Medical Toxicology and Addiction working in Camden, NJ

Andrew Herring, MD – EM physician boarded in Pain and Addiction working in Oakland, CA and leads California’s Bridge program that helps hospitals start Buprenorphine programs

Eric Ketcham, MD, FACEP – EM physician who is a cofounder and chair of ACEP’s Pain Management and Addiction Medicine section working in New Mexico

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