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The Emergency Medical Minute disseminates relevant medical education to clinicians and the public through various avenues, striving to be a resource for medical professionals wanting to enhance their knowledge base and practice. 

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Podcast 784: Wastewater Surveillance for COVID

Contributor: Jared Scott, MD Educational Pearls: About 50% of those infected with SARS-CoV-2 will shed the virus in their feces   Wastewater surveillance can be used to track COVID burden,...

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Podcast 783: LAD Occlusion & Troponin

Contributor: Jared Scott, MD Educational Pearls: A study randomized 34 healthy patient to have their left anterior descending artery (LAD) occluded by balloon for 0, 15, 30, or 90...

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Podcast 782: Ventilator Management

Contributor: Aaron Lessen, MD Educational Pearls: Tidal volume is the amount of breath a patient receives in a single ventilation  Traditional tidal volume (TV) setting was 10 ml/kg but...

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Podcast 781: Foxglove, Dropsy, and Salvador Dali

Contributor: Chris Holmes, MD Educational Pearls: Foxglove plant contains the cardiac glycoside digoxin   Foxglove leaf potions were once used to treat Dropsy; a historic term for symptoms of heart...

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