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The Emergency Medical Minute disseminates relevant medical education to clinicians and the public through various avenues, striving to be a resource for medical professionals wanting to enhance their knowledge base and practice. 

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Podcast 699: Pediatric Fingernail Avulsions

Contributor: Aaron Lessen, MD Educational Pearls: Traditionally, fingernails were replaced after avulsion using sutures Sometimes artificial material was placed when the fingernail was not available Recent study evaluated treatment...

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Podcast 698: Empathy, Burnout, and Patient Satisfaction

Contributor: Aaron Lessen, MD Educational Pearls: Survey of EM physicians to self-report empathy and burnout levels and correlated with patient satisfaction scores Patient satisfaction was not affected by what...

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Podcast 697: Kounis Syndrome

Contributor: Aaron Lessen, MD Educational Pearls: Kounis syndrome is an allergic acute coronary syndrome Triggers include medications (antibiotics), insect bites, or other common allergens Believed to be due to...

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Podcast 696: ST Elevation and Differential Diagnoses

Contributor: Peter Bakes, MD Educational Pearls: ST elevation clinical guidelines for myocardial infarction include: 2.5 mm elevation for males <40 in V2 and V3 2 mm elevation in males...

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